Sunday, August 24, 2014

Southern California Canyon Cleaned by Local Volunteers

The Cave and Technical Rescue Team, in conjunction with the Coalition of American Canyoneers, Altadena Mountain Rescue Team, and the Angeles National Forest performed a canyon cleanup event on August 23. More than 60 volunteers from as far away as Arizona, picked up trash and cleaned graffiti from the canyon walls. Using hammers and chisels, the graffiti was painstakingly chipped from the rock surface. Afterwards, the rock was painted with a thin coating of mud, and a dusting of fine sand from the nearby stream bed using a technique that has proven successful in other outdoor areas. In this way, the tagger's "canvas" was made less attractive, hopefully decreasing the graffiti in the future. Since the mud will last only a couple years, the team will be at it again to help preserve this jewel of the San Gabriels.

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  1. Being from San Bernardino myself I find this post especially interesting. I remember a few years ago I was right next to the university with a group of friends doing a service project of picking up trash along the road. It was so fun to spend some time volunteering to clean up the city a little bit. Thanks for taking care of some of the rocks. cleaning service